Ronny Bjones

[header]Director of Cloud Identity & Privacy Services, Microsoft Corporate[/header] ronny-bjones

Ronny Bjones is Director of Cloud Identity & Privacy Services for Microsoft Engineering (Cloud & Enterprise). Ronny kicked of the design and development of Azure Active Directory B2C. Ronny is responsible for developing the concepts, prototyping, incubation and bringing the service into production. Ronny holds several patents in the field of identity and privacy.

Ronny joined Microsoft in 2002 to become the EMEA security lead. He has 30+ years of experience in ICT, 25+ of those in security.
Ronny published QuEST together with several industry specialists in the subject of electronic signatures. The book is a comprehensive guide on how to implement Electronic Signatures solutions and can be downloaded from

Ronny also co-authored “Best Practice for Applications using the electronic Identity Card”.
Ronny is a board member of EEMA, an organisation providing guidance on e-Business.
Ronny is also member of the ISSE program committee. Ronny represents Microsoft in the executive board of Trust in Digital life.
Ronny Bjones was one of the four founders of Utimaco Belgium, where he worked for ten years as R&D director. Before Utimaco, Ronny worked for a Belgian EFT specialist called Prodata and one of the first firms to specialize in cryptography in Europe called Cryptech.
Ronny Bjones is an active speaker at conferences.


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Session Details

Day 2 – Wednesday 16th  November                                                                                                                             09:15 – 10:45


Title: Opening Plenary – Securing a Future Perspective

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