ITProPortal is at the 27th annual Information Security Solutions Europe Conference (ISSE), one of Europe’s largest gatherings of cyber security experts.

As former cyber-security coordinator for the Obama administration, adviser to two presidents and security consultant with Microsoft and the air force, Howard Schmidt is uniquely placed to comment on the security industry. He gave a fascinating talk on what he’s learnt about the industry, and where it’s going. Here are some of the highlights.

Even before we had the Internet, we had what we would think of as hacking. We had a big problem with people looking through phone lines and trying to find computer systems connected to phone lines.

We didn’t have the IT structure we have today in organisations, so that’s how you used to access the systems and perform maintenance on them – through the phone line. And I remember time and time again, as a policeman, how we’d get a call telling us that someone’s computer system was acting funny, or slowing down, and they didn’t know what was going on. And time and time again, it was someone accessing that computer system and looking for credit card information…

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