Bernard Ourghanlian

CTO & CSO, Microsoft Corporation, France

Bernard OurghanlianBernard Ourghanlian joined Microsoft France in 1999 to the post of Technical Director. SinceNovember 2002, where he was appointed Chief Technology & Security Officer. Bernard Ourghanlian is responsible for the overall conduct of Microsoft’s strategy in France, in terms of technology and safety. He is also in charge of risk management technology of Microsoft France – especially on major projects – and the responsibility to design, manage and promote all of Microsoft initiatives of safety France and particularly the conduct of the initiative for trustworthy computing.


Before joining Microsoft, Bernard Ourghanlian was the Technical Director of Digital France where he was actively involved in the design and development of the architecture of the Alpha microprocessors and various system software elements to ensure its support. Previously, he participated in the design and implementation of the first imaging techniques Magnetic resonance within the Thomson company.He began his career as a teacher and researcher at the University of Orsay. Bernard Ourghanlian has a doctorate in mathematics and is the author of several specialized books on statistics and informatics, including a reference book on the Alpha microprocessors.


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