Coralie Mesnard

Head of Marketing & Innovation, Gemalto Gov programmes, France

coralie-mesnard-webCoralie joined Gemalto in 2014 as head of Marketing & Innovation of Digital Identity for the public sector. She previously held different management positions as CMO, VP Marketing & Innovation at Ingenico, eServGlobal and Alcatel. She has an aptitude for setting up and steering development strategies, implementing transformation plans, and managing complex projects. Coralie, is a French national and holds an MBA for Digital Strategy. She graduated from INSEAD for Industrial Marketing strategy executive course and from University Paris VI with a Master’s degree in Electronics and Computer Sciences.


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Session Details

Day 1 – Tuesday 15th November                                                                                     11:45 – 13:00

Topic:  French Identity Perspectives

Title: Identity National Schemes

A national identity scheme sets out the roles of the sovereign state with regard to digital identity. It also establishes the underlying principles and workings of the digital identity ecosystem.

It is clear that the deployment of digital identities under different national frameworks represents a dual challenge for nations, which must manage their sovereignty in the digital space while improving services to companies and citizens; in other words, the framework for market interactions and, ultimately, the healthy operation of the economy.

However, reconciling market demands and sovereignty is no simple task. It requires constructive negotiation between their respective objectives. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the modernization of public services and, more broadly, of society, by including digital identity as a defining feature in a digital space of trust, with good levels of security, interoperability and data protection.

This presentation will describe the challenges for public authorities, discus what constitutes a national identity scheme, and describe detailed examples (UK, France and Italy).

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