Don Thibeau

[header]Chairman & President, Open Identity Exchange, UK[/header]

Don Thibeau specializes in organizing competitors in support of greater interoperability and trust in online transactions. Don is President and Chairman of The Open Identity Exchange (Open Identity Exchange) a non-profit trade organization of leading competitors from competing sectors including the internet (Google, PayPal), data aggregation (Equifax, LexisNexis, Experian), telecommunications (Verizon), enterprise (Microsoft, Symantec, SecureKey) and government (UK Cabinet Office). OIX is helping drive the expansion of existing internet services and the rapid deployment of new online products. With its team of rivals, OIX has become a global center of excellence for the identity trust layer of online transactions serving as a test bed for business, legal and governance policies in the emerging open identity ecosystem.

Don has also the Executive Director of The OpenID Foundation since 2009 where he manages the foundation and leads market adoption of open source internet identity standards. The Foundation’s membership represents leaders from key industry organizations that collaborate on the development, adoption and deployment of open identity standards.

Don’s expertise has been developed in the data, internet (identity and social layers), and telecommunications markets. He specializes in consortium-based enterprise and entrepreneurial business models for data, analytics, and web content, drawn from senior management positions at Qsent, LexisNexis, and TransUnion.

Don was an elected Delegate to the US National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) Identity Ecosystem Steering Group and is Chairman of its International Coordination Working Group. He also chairs the Open Identity Exchange UK Identity Assurance Steering Group, a public private sector partnership supporting the UK Cabinet Office Identity Assurance Program.

Don is the Co-Chairman of the OASIS Electronic Identity Credential Trust Elevation Methods Technical Committee among other industry advisory roles. He is also co-founder and investor in TrustID and was a founding member of the London-based Reed Elsevier Venture Fund. A former Presidential appointee, Don has testified before Congress and written extensively on data privacy and regulatory issues.

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Session Details

Day 1 – Tuesday 15th November                                                                                                                           15.30 – 16.45

Topic: eID, Trust services

Title:  New Tools and Rules for Identity Management

The world of identity management changed forever on June 10, 2013 with the introduction of the Zero Trust architecture approach. First proposed by Forrester Research, this new “best practice” has “never trust, always verify” as its guiding principle. It takes the old model—“trust but verify”—and inverts it. As recent breaches have proven that when an organization trusts, it doesn’t verify.

Something is fundamentally broken in the world of information security. Despite counter-measures and controls, attackers continually breach our defenses and steal our identities. Forrester’s research shows the threat vectors expanding in which organized crime and nation-states are creating more significant, targeted attacks. This presentation goes beyond the security context, are speaks to organizations large and small, public and private that are looking for ways to reduce identity management costs while simplifying identity verification processes.

This presentation highlights new approaches to practical barriers in identity management like liability, insurance and changing regulations. It reviews the innovations in standards development, self-certification, and registration that are driving increased global adoption of identity services.

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