isse 2019 Programme

(Subject to change)

Day 1 - Wednesday 6th November
09.00Registration, Refreshments & Networking
09.30Welcome & Opening Keynotes
Chair: Jon Shamah, Chairman, EEMA
Welcome: Eero Vellekoop, IBM Security Benelux, Belgium
Dr Christiane Peters, Senior Security Architect & Global Lead for Crypto Service Enterprise Security Architect, IBM: Cryptography Services 2020 and Beyond
Miguel Gonzalez-Sancho, Cybersecurity Technology and Capacity Building, C DG CONNECT
Ronny Bjones, Director of Cloud Identity & Privacy Services, Microsoft Self Sovereign ID
11.00Coffee & Networking
11.30Digital Transformation in the Financial Sector
Session 1 High Level Fireside
Chair: Steve Pannifer, Director, Chief Operations Officer, Consult Hyperion
Philippe Regniers, VP Sales Digital Banking Central Europe, Thales
Laurie-Anne Bourdain, Risk & Privacy Officer, ISABEL
Cybercrimes & Misdemeanors
Session 2 Seminar
Chair: Alessandro Guarino CEO, StAG srl
Johan Stronkhorst, Group ICT Security Manager, Greenyard Group
Lessons learned from Asco case
Michael Barwise, Director, Business Information Risk Management Consulting
Hidden Risk - what you don't know can kill you (and others)
Stijn Jans, CEO Intigriti,
Responsible Disclosure and hacking insights from the field. Best practices on integrating in the Cyber Security practice

Securing Trust Cycle Services - A QTSP Panel
Session 3 Interactive Session
Chair: John Erik Setsaas, VP of Identity & Innovations, Signicat AS
Igor Marcolongo, Head of Business Compliance, Infocert SpA
Mads Henriksveen, Trust Services Manager, Buypass AS
Secure B2B intercommunication
Bartosz Witkowski, CEO, Esysco
Bringing local and remote signing together
12.30Lunch & Networking
Chair: Frank Leyman, Manager International Relations, BOSA
Wolfgang Joppich, Senior Solutions Architect, Cryptomathic, Crypto-Agility and how it is achieved
Daniel Letecheur, DPO & CISO, BOSA: The use of Crypto Means & the Challenges that this can Represent in the Medium & Long Term
14.30Coffee & Networking
15.00Key Lessons Learnt from Financial Services & Related Challenges
Session 4 High Level Fireside
Chair: Steve Pannifer, Director, Consult Hyperion
Laurie-Ann Bourdain, Risk & Privacy Officer, ISABEL
Marrying data protections with PSD2
Paul Meadowcroft Chief Product & Security Officer, Konsentus
You want to access accounts? How do I trust you?
Enterprise Security Management
Session 5 Seminar
Chair: George Sharkov, Director, ESI CEE
Reinder Wolthuis, Senior Consultant/Project Manager, TNO
Quantifying Cybersecurity Risks
Jimmy Pommerenke, Founder, Ceeyu
Automated supply chain & partner vulnerablilty assessment & risk management
Detlef Eckert, Vice-President Global Government Affairs, Huawei
Application of AI for security risk mitigation in Software-Defined Networks
Session 6 Interactive Session
Chair: John Erik Setsaas VP of Identity & Innovation, Signicat AS
Tim Ohlendorf, Security Researcher & PhD Candidate, Fraunhofer AISEC (co-author with Matthias Schwan Principal Security & PKI Presenter, Budesdruckerei GmbH)
Designing & Implementing a 'mobile European student card'
Rachelle Sellung, Researcher Fraunhofer
LIGHTest Project Cross Border Trust Services
Go.eIDAS, Jon Shamah ChairEEMA
16.00Coffee & Networking
16.30Informal Round Table Debates
Subjects dependent on submissions received on the day at the conference - an opportunity for all attendees to set the topics for discussion.
Moderated by: Esther Makaay, Business & eID Analyst/Architect, SIDN & Connectis / Jacoba Sieders, European Investment Bank
18.00Famous Bullards Gin Reception, Buffet, Networking & Awards
Day 2 - Thursday 7th November
09.30Keynotes: Technology for Social Challenges
Chair: Ulrich Seldeslachts, CEO, LSEC
Érik Freyssinet, Chief Digital Strategy Officer Gendarmerie Nationale How to catch a thief
Evgeny Chereshnev, CEO, Biolink Tech: Safety, Cybersecurity, Privacy and Ethics - an update on the future
Detlef Eckert, Vice-President Global Government Affairs, Huawei An Ethical Approach with AI
10.30Coffee & Networking
11.00Identity & Authentication - Latest Innovations
Session 7 High Level Fireside
Chair: Ronny Bjones Director of Cloud Identity & Privacy Services, Microsoft Belgium
David Chadwick, Managing Director, Verifiable Credentials Ltd
W3C Verifiable Credentials
Roel Peeters, CTO, nextAuth
Modern user authentication done right
Key Learnings from Industry and IoT
Chair: Rick Chandler, Treasurer, EEMA
Session 8 Seminar
Jos Menting, Chief Technologist Cybersecurity, Engie-Laborelec
Cybersecurity asset management experience in industrial settings
Andrew Hutchinson, Cyber Security Specialist, T-Systems
Towards co-operative industry security: automotive SOC as case-study
Kevin Foltz, RSM, IDA
IoT security from edge to cloud
Fighting Crime using Digital Forensics & eEvidence
Session 9 Interactive Session
Chair: Jon Shamah, Chair, EEMA
Ralf Benzmueller, CTO, G Data SecurityLabs
Fighting CyberCrime threats using AI
Pablo López-Aguilar Beltrán, Head of IT & Cybersecurity Research, APWG
LOCARD project: Digital Evidence and Chain of Custody, across borders in Criminality, Terrorism, Pornography and illegal streaming
Nils Inge Brurberg, Programme Manager, Bits
Digital Banking and the relationship to the Norwegian Police
12.00Lunch & Networking
13.00Legal and Regulation Isses, Challenges and Solutions
Session 10 High Level Fireside
Chair: Herbert Leitold, Secretary General, A-SIT
Hans Graux, Lawyer, time.lex
The Cybersecurity Act and its potential to regulate eID and trust services
Paul Kennedy, Strategic Law Enforcement & Security Presenter, Paul Kennedy Associates Ltd
Technical Stretch in for Law Enforcement Agencies
A Pan-European Blockchain Service plus Practical implementations
Session 11 Interactive Session
Chair: Hugo Kerschot Managing Director IS-practice
Marc Sel, Director, Trust Warp Belgium
The European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI)
Yolan Romailler, Senior Security Researcher, Kudelski Security,
Functional Encryption
Peter Cozijnsen, Security Consultant, CGI
The Dutch Ministry of Justice blockchain implementation
14.00Coffee & Networking
14.30Orchestrating Digital Identity, Privacy and Assurance: the Kantara Perspective
Session 12 High Level Fireside
Chair: Dave Birch Author and Advisor on Digital Identity
Colin Wallis, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative
The Kantara Initiative: including demo of consent receipt
Ruth Puente Executive Programme Director, Kantara Initiative Europe
NGI_Trust: Funding opportunity for innovation in privacy and trust enhancing technologies
Martin Sandren, Lead Consultant, Nixu
External identities in the enterprise
Nordic-Baltic eID initiatives for cross border service delivery
Session 13 Interactive session
Chair: Tor Alvik, Specialist Director, Agency for Public Management and e-Government (Difi), Norway
Anneli Hagdahl, Ph.D, Ministry of Infrastructure, Division for Digital Government, Sweden
SOU 2019:14 – A Swedish Investigation into National Id-Cards and Electronic Identification
Tor Alvik, Agency for Public Management and e-Government (Difi), Norway
Digital Onboarding of National eIDs: a pilot project in collaboration with market stakeholders
Thoke Graae Magnusson, Danish Agency for Digitalisation, Denmark
Riitta Partala, Development Manager, Population Register Centre, Finland
15.35Closing Plenary Keynote
Chair: Lorraine Spector, Board Director EEMA
Dave Birch, Author and Advisor on Digital Identity: Libra is about identity, not money
Professor Bart Preneel, KU Leuven, The Cryptographic Year in Perspective
16.30Conference close